Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pretty Packaging

Happy Tuesday!

Well I'm really starting to run out of things to do!  ... well, of course when I say that there are ALWAYS things to do ... but I don't want to do ANY of them ... they are the likes of "file all the bills from the last 12 months" or "organize the play room" or "sell off all the old toys on e-Bay" or "write out all those recipes" ... you know ... THAT kind of stuff.  Yuck.  Don't wanna ... so there's a pretty good chance I'll go shopping today ... despite being done my Christmas shopping *lol*

So!  Before I go spend money I shouldn't spend I'll show you what I was working on this weekend .. packaging!  I bought a number of items to decorate and have "on hand" ... for those impromptu times when you pop in on a neighbour (or they pop in on you!), or for the open house you are invited to ... that sort of thing.  I bought some chocolates and some body lotion ... all of which I wanted to package nicely.  Here is what I came up with ...

I bought a tin of the Chocolate and Hazelnut wafer thingies that were at Costco (I loooooooove Costco!)  I will be putting this in the Teachers' Lounge next week for all the staff to share.

Turtles were at Costco too ... everybody altogether, now  ... Turtles, Turtles, Rah, Rah, Rah ... Turtles, Turtles, Ha, Ha, Ha .... Mmmmmm, I love Turtles ....
 These bows were so quick and easy to put together.  They are from the Pretty Presents Designer Bows on page 36 of the holiday catty for only $4.95!  I got pre-cut paper to make 10 bows, 5 in two different sizes.  As you can see I used two bows per package so I got 5 in total.  I really liked the layered look.  I'm actually thrilled (and surprised!) that I actually USED these little beauties!  As you know I have gotten into the habit of BUYING things but not actually getting around to USING them ... and if I DO use them it's usually not until after they have retired from the catalogue!  Not this time, Baby!  I'm at the top of my game this month!!

See the centre of the bows?  Those are the (ahem ... yes, retired) bottle caps that were in the last mini catalaogue.  Well, I used them a FEW times while they were current ... but of course my hoarding tendancies took over and I have a bit of a stock pile to go through.  So YAY for me for actually USING some of my stash!  I ran the bottle caps through the Big Shot to squish them.  I then used the snowflake stamp with Gumball Green (from A Round Array ... page 126 of the main catty - $17.95 clear; $22.95 wood) and a rhinestone in the middle of the snowflake.  I used a hot glue gun to hold the bottlecap to the bow ... and then hot glued the bow to the present.  Quick, easy and cute!

Next up I had some body lotions on hand (yeeeeees ... from Costco!)  Although it SHOULD have taken me about 5 minutes to decorate these it took me over 3 hours (right, Sheila?? *lol*  I just can't seem to get my crafting groove on at Craft Night!)

I used some retired fabric from my stash ... cut strips and ties them around the lotion (yes, this is what took me about 2 hours ... the knots just wouldn't cooperate!)
 I added a punched sentiment from "Wishing You" - holiday mini page 23 - $14.95 clear; $17.95 wood - I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I have used this set this year!!)  I stamped the sentiment in Cherry Cobbler, punched it out with the Decorative Label Punch (page 181 - $22.95) and then added an ornament punches out with the Merry Mini Punch Pack ($22.95 - carried over from last year's catty) and added a rhinestone for a little bling.  I attached the label with dimensionals and the ornament with a glue dot.  Done and ready to give!
 I also sepnt a few quiet hours Saturday putting together the ornaments from the Festive Flurry Ornament Kit.  These are truly beautiful little ornaments that will go on my tree for years to come.  As you may recall from posts last year, each Christmas I make (at least) one special ornament for our tree and for the girls' keepsake boxes.  This one definately makes the cut!  A hot glue gun is a must for this project, as is the Stampin' Up! silicone sheet (page 175 of the main catty - $7.50) - its ideal for putting a puddle of glue on, but being able to peel it OFF the pad easily and mess free.  If you've ever worked with a hot glue gun you'll know the *fun* that ensues if you DON'T have one of these mats!
 I just LOVE the dimension to these ornaments.  The coloring doesn't do them justice - trust me - they are beautiful!  You get all the supplies to make 10 ornaments for $17.95 ... and you have LOTS of large rhinestones left over for other projects!
Right!  That's it for today.  Think I'll hit the shower and see about that shopping idea!  Pop in again soon and I'll show you what Trixie, our Elf on the Shelf has been up to ... and the scrapbook Alicia and I made from last years' antics!  Until then ... have a stampy day!


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