Monday, December 9, 2013

Best of Snow Hedgehog

Happy Monday!!!

Ahhh - the BEST day of the week ... Monday morning.  No kids, no husband, no items on the calendar!!!  My kind of day!  ... except I don't really know what to do with myself *lol* ... at the moment I'm procrastinating on excercising and on drafting my Christmas letter.  Not enough pressure yet!

Right - today I have an ADORABLE Christmas Card to share ... but before I do that I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  This is ESPECIALLY for any of my USA readers - you are my best hope!!

My eldest daughter, Rebecca, listed an item on her Christmas wish list a few years ago - the Barbie I Can Be Dentist.  I had seen it in the stores but at the time the girls had enough Barbies to choke a moose and she didn't get that one for Christmas.  She then asked for it again for her birthday, a few months later.  By that time they were no longer available in the stores.  Oh well - not a big deal.  How much would she play with it anyway?  Grandma tried to find it for her but came up empty.  We told Rebecca they don't make it anymore and we couldn't get it.  BIG mistake!  This just made her want it all the more.  It went on the Christmas list again last year.  Santa didn't bring it.  This year she mentioned "Mom ... I don't think Santa is real.  If he IS real then why didn't he bring me the Dentist Barbie.  I know you can't BUY them anymore - but he's SANTA - he could just have the elves MAKE me one".  Ack!

Well!  It has become my mission to find this flippin' Barbie and get it for Rebecca just to see her little face light up AND to help her believe in the magic of Christmas.  THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN!  I have been all over the internet for WEEKS - I've been bidding on e-Bay and all sorts of nonsense but have come up empty handed.  Oh sure - if I want to pay $120 PLUS at least $17 in shipping I can have one ... and truth be told I just MAY do that ... at this point I still refuse just on principle!  $120 for a Barbie - sheesh!  ... and really, will she even play with it??  On the other hand ... it's only money and it would be SO worth while to pay that price for that smile ... but I'm not *there* quite yet!

SO!  USA friends(and/or Canadian friends travelling to the US in the next week) ... the Toy's R Us and Walmart websites say these dolls are available for around $24.99 ... but in store only.  Would you help a Sister out?  I would so DEARLY love if any of you are out and about at Toys R' Us and/or Walmart in the coming days and spot this Barbie if you would buy it for me and ship it to Canada.  OBVIOUSLY I would pay the whole shot ... THIS is the doll I"m looking for:
There are older versions out there too but this is the one she wants.  Here's hoping for some Christmas magic!! 

Right!  Now onto my project!  I have been anxious to play around with my new "Best of Snow" set that I got a few weeks back.  I ADORE hedgehogs and fell in love with the hedgehog image from this set.  Here is what I came up with:
LOVE it!!  So stinkin' cute I can't stand it!

I used a Whisper White base and added a Whisper White layer of 5" x 3 3/4".  I then added a piece of the Season of Style DSP stack 3 1/4" x 4 1/2" ( half a sheet!).  I added a flagged Whisper White piece of 5 1/2" x 1 1/2", and a little sprig of Pool Party 1/2" x 1 1/2".  The image was stamped in Chocolate Chip and then colored using my Pool Party and Pumpkin Pie markers.  I added some shading to the the little critters using a blender pen and my Baked Brown Sugar Ink.  A rhinestone for some bling and a few dimensionals to pop up the image (oh, punched out with the 2 1/2" circle punch) abd I was done.  LOVE!

I have another card in mind that I'd like to try out so pop in again soon to see that.  In the meantime - have a stampy day (and pray that Christmas Magic is in the air and I can get that Barbie for my Rebecca!)



  1. Darn, I should have read this blog post weeks ago!! Did you find a dentist Barbie for Rebecca? I would have gone out and checked the stores! If you didn't get one and still want one for her birthday, I'll go looking! My email is

    1. Oh Ellen that is SO very kind of you!! No ... I wasn't able to get the Barbie. Again ... I COULD pay $125 for it but that's just wrong on principle!! Rebecca mentioned yesterday that she didn't understand why Santa didn't bring it when it was the #1 want on her list 2 years in a row. I tried to explain to her the "cost of production" but she still thought he should bring it *lol*. If you COULD look around for it (but only when you are out and about!) that would be awesome! I know there are the older versions around but it's the one pictures above that she really wants ... she wants the X-rays of the teeth! No need to make a special trip ... Her birthday isn't until April. I don't hold out much hope but IF I could get it she would be one happy little girl ... and of course I would be a total hero! So very, very kind of you to offer ... Huge Canadian hug!!